TSC Product Range


Single-use Bronchoscope

The Broncoflex® was designed to address the current needs and challenges that hospitals are facing regarding the use of flexible bronchoscopes. It is sterile, single-use and available at all times, ensuring optimal patient safety. By displaying a high definition image, it provides users with a safe alternative to traditional bronchoscopes.

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Blood and Fluid Warming

Fluido® and Fluido® Compact are two complementary Blood and Fluid Warming systems with disposable sets, designed individually to deliver optimum performance at specific flow ranges to ensure availability of Blood and Fluid Warming for all application, from moderate to high flow.

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Fluido® Irrigation

Fluid Warming

Fluido® Irrigation is a Fluid Warming system with disposable sets, dedicated to fulfil today’s standards and the growing requirements, particularly in endourological procedures.
We developed Fluido® Irrigation to provide clinical specialist access to warm unlimited volumes of irrigation fluids with adjustable temperature settings to their surgical needs.

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Forced Air Warming

Mistral-Air® is a Forced Air Warming system consisting of a dedicated warming unit and a large variety of disposable warming blankets and suits. The warming unit, blankets and suits are attuned to each other to ensure optimum performance and equal distribution of heat throughout the entire blanket.

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Wireless Vitals Monitoring

Sensium® is a wireless continuous monitoring system designed to provide earlier intervention and prevent escalation to higher acuity care. The disposable Sensium® patch accurately and reliably monitors the leading indicators of deterioration, providing targeted notifications to caregivers. Extensive peer-reviewed publications have demonstrated that use of Sensium® can lead to improved patient outcomes and economic benefits for the hospital.

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Heat Reflective Technology

Thermoflect® is a passive warming system comprising a range of disposable patient coverings made of Heat Reflective Technology® material that reflects captures and stores radiant body heat.

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